Judaic Studies

The goal of Southern California Yeshiva High School’s (SCY High) Judaic studies program is to mold our students into life-long learners, students who both know how to learn and have a desire to learn. To that end, SCY High employs a broad, well-balanced Judaic studies curriculum. While we maintain the traditional focus on Talmud study, we also offer our students courses in Chumash (Bible), Navi (Prophets), Jewish Philosophy, Jewish Law and Jewish History. Our text-based classes include Chavruta time, when students hone their skills, attempting to decode the text on their own. Other classes focus on building a broad foundation of Jewish knowledge and helping the students discover and appreciate what Jewish learning brings to their lives. With approximately two hours and forty minutes of Judaic instruction daily, we create an atmosphere dedicated to Torah wisdom and values that spreads beyond the classroom walls.

Additionally, our curriculum includes many informal educational opportunities such as holiday celebrations, school assemblies and special events. These occasions present yet another venue to reinforce the importance and relevance of Judaism through experiential learning. Special attention is given to educating our students about the Jewish approach to contemporary issues and cultivating an attachment to the Land of Israel. Finally, encouraging students to apply the material learned is a critical component of our Judaic studies program – helping students see Torah as an integral part of their life.