Academic Excellence

SCY High is committed to academic excellence and as such has grounded its secular academic program in two foundations for academic success, standards-based curriculum and writing across the curriculum. In addition to these foundations, our students experience “hands-on” learning by participating in internships within the professional community. These internships allow our students to integrate the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom with the outside world.

We use several sources to guide the academic program. Our curriculum is linked to the Academic Content and Performance Standards of the California Department of Education. In addition, we draw from numerous content area standards guidelines and teacher-identified standards to build our distinctive program. The standards represent a wide spectrum of knowledge, skill and behavior requirements for academic and career success. Students must be prepared to demonstrate a wide range of knowledge and abilities, including articulation and communication of information, and the use of appropriate tools to accomplish tasks. Our curriculum is in line with the University of California’s “A-G” Subject Requirements in addition to meeting the entrance requirements of other competitive colleges and universities. Our students have been admitted to excellent universities such as Columbia University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University (NYU), Emory University, Boston University, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Riverside.