Southern California Yeshiva High School (SCY High) is founded upon the recognition that, in order to truly be successful in fostering a lifelong passion in our students about Judaism, the academic aspect needs to be complemented by exciting Jewish extracurricular activities. Here are some of the extracurricular activities that happen at SCY High:

We begin each year with a four-day retreat. Students enjoy exploring the outdoors while participating in team building activities. A full day of river rafting is the highlight of the trip.
Shabbatons are a major part of our program. In addition to our annual school-wide Winter Shabbaton, each grade has a mini-Shabbaton each year. The students always return filled with Ruach (enthusiasm) and Achdut (unity).
We have Friday night Onegs. Between singing, stories, and socializing, the boys have an enjoyable time and it is the perfect venue for discussing broader life issues.
We offer weekly additional voluntary learning opportunities. A Tuesday night “Latte and Learn” and Thursday night Mishmar program encourage students to do extra Torah learning in a social and less formal context.
Part of being a model of the moral values of Judaism is embodying proper middot. While all middot are important, Chessed is the foundation of good character. To that end, our students are expected to perform chessed throughout their time at SCY High. It is our hope that chessed becomes a life-long habit for our students, and that the external actions expressing care and concern for our fellow Jews (and to all of humanity) will have an impact on each student’s core being.


Tefillah is a deep and important encounter. SCY High endeavors to create an atmosphere for Tefillah that is at once serious and joyful. Students are encouraged to be Chazzan and also to read from the Torah. These are skills which foster a feeling of ownership and connection to the prayer experience. The boost in general self-confidence is also palpable. Faculty members attempt to model proper focus and show students that Tefillah is a life-long pursuit.