Our Mission

We are a learning community that exists to inspire boys to become eminently competent in the modern, technological world, while remaining unwavering in their commitment to timeless Torah values.

We provide a nurturing Jewish environment and a rigorous Jewish education. We instill a profound love of Israel and of Judaism as a student’s heritage, as his current identity, and as the essence of his future. Judaism will not be a dry topic of study, but a way of life that is felt in the heart.

We emphasize critical and creative thinking, collaboration, the mastery of essential skills and the intelligent use of technology. We strive to integrate all aspects of student learning through the use of interdisciplinary projects. We continue, however, to value traditional teaching and learning in all disciplines.

We prepare our graduates to be welcomed by either the finest Yeshivas or the most competitive secular colleges, as they choose.

We welcome all families who seek to give their children an intensive Jewish education.