Our strong athletic program provides our students with an opportunity for a physical outlet, lessons in courage, responsibility and teamwork and a large dose of school pride.

Athletics are an integral part of the Southern California Yeshiva High School (SCY High) experience. Despite our school’s small size, we offer four sports in three seasons, currently Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis. Every SCY High student is expected to participate in at least one sport per year, and some of our students participate in a sport each and every season. We are founding members of the CIF’s Frontier League, and in its first year we were Cross Country Frontier League Champions, and we also have made CIF playoffs in basketball twice.

The athletic program is a continuation of the SCY High education. We seek to imbue our student with lessons in courage, responsibility and teamwork, and the sports fields are a great place for our boys to show that they have internalized the values they are taught in their Jewish education.

Additionally, we find that sports tangibly raises the school spirit. Our students come to cheer on their friends in a variety of sports and our Saturday night basketball games have become community events. In a school where everyone is participating in the sports activities, it truly becomes a bonding experience. Go SCY Hawks!

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