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located in San Diego, CA

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On the cutting edge of timeless education

SCY High is dedicated to a fine balance between a serious Judaic studies program and a high-level college-preparatory education. The academic foundation of our school is supplemented with a strong emphasis on Ruach and a real connection to the spirituality of Judaism.

Judaic Studies

At SCY High we create an atmosphere dedicated to Torah wisdom that spreads beyond the classroom, guiding students to both know how to learn & have a desire to do so. Our wide range of teachers and classes cultivates a broad foundation of Jewish knowledge and passion. Torah is taught not only as a subject, but as a way of life.


Our strong academic program has a proven track-record of success. Our students have been accepted to many prestigious universities, including Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Emory University and NYU. With over 40 courses approved by the UC system, you can feel confident that your son will by well-prepared for higher education.

What People Are Saying

"SCY High is a close-knit school, with a very dedicated, qualified, and nurturing staff, with motivated students who love their school, in a ‘family atmosphere’." -WASC Report

“When I went to yeshiva I realized how lucky I was to have gone to SCY High. I realized that not all schools have teachers that care so much.” -Frankie Ziman, Class of 2009

"Simply put, SCY High is a remarkable school for a teenage boy to attend. I never had anything even remotely approaching the experiences SCY High gave my son..." -Rob Adatto, Parent


SCY High is fully accredited by the Western Associate of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and all submitted courses are UC approved.